Adjusting from Online Poker to Live Poker

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Adjusting from Online Poker to Live Poker – A game which is famous all over the world is poker. But like other games this game also have two different platforms, one is online and the other is offline or live poker. This game is played by people from the 10th century and today also the craze of this game is as it was that time. This game never got cons instead of cons this game got only pros like time to time the number of players keeps on increasing. In ancient time, people used to go any particular club and there they used to play this game but due to the advancement of technology people can play this game today right at their home. They just have to log in to play the game. If I will say that there is not so much difference between online poker and live poker then it will be a mistake because there is a huge difference between online poker and live poker.

Online and Live Poker different features

So the difference between online poker and live are like this:

  • In online poker player have to use his move in a given time period of 20 to 30 second and it is a very little time to make a move.
  • In live poker, you will be getting a lot of time to think and all because of these people used to go casinos and play live poker because they are getting the comfort of playing this game.
  •   Second thing is that some people think that live poker doesn’t possess better skill than online poker. There you will be not get assured that real players are outstanding in comparison to online player.
  • The third difference is that in online poker blind play is lucrative as compared to offline poker because in this you will be getting a chance to win a huge amount of reward.
  • Fourthly and the most advantageous reason for an online player is that in this all the players are less skilled it doesn’t mean that they can’t win this game but all the players who used to play online poker are just gathering information related to this game.
  • One more reason is that in online poker you will be not getting the chance to read the face of your opponent and understood his next move but in live poker player will be getting a chance to understand what will be the next move of his opponent.
  • Last but not the least is that in online poker after some time you will start getting bored because you will be only playing this game from your mobile phone, PC, websites and in that you will not be getting the experience of live poker. But in live poker, you will feel a luxury.

                So now I think you all have understood the common difference between live poker and online poker these are the some of the difference which I have given but it is not an end of difference there are some more differences are also there like in live poker you will be getting a social bond with the people who are playing this game not only this but in live poker you can also train your skills. It doesn’t mean that online poker is not played by people it is also played by almost half of the people and it is bit time and money saving because in this you can play this game until you have the laptop and a stable internet connection.

All in all both the platforms of this game are better and no one can tell that which is better online or offline. But the game is very much interesting.

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