Make money in basketball over-under betting predictions

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Over and under betting

Placed in a sportsbooks for the purposes of predicting the total sum of scores for a given match is a wager popularly known as an over/ under bet also written as over-under bet. A number is set by the top bookmakers  and the bettors interested in this kind of bet would then bet over or above it. The number represents the total goals or points that will be scored. Over betting implies that you expect a match to end above the number whereas when one under bets, they they expect that the match  would end with a sum of goals, less than the given number. We will discuss how to Make money in basketball over-under betting predictions.

Make money in basketball over-under betting predictions

Basketball is an accelerated and highly thrilling game, this game does not only offer the fans exciting entertainment but also a chance to make a few extra coins either as a profession or just for fun. As is the case with soccer betting, there are several avenues online that can help basketball fanatics to place bets on their desired matches depending in the current ongoing leagues.

Types of betting in basketball

Different kinds of betting are exhibited for those willing to bet on basketball. It is important to realize that these options are not exclusive to the basketball game. These options include, money line betting, handicap betting and the popular totals betting.

Moneyline betting is the simplest and therefore has seen many interested bettors using it compared to the others. One simply places money on the sports betting agency predicting that a certain team will win. Here the concept of favorites and underdogs is used. This can be much clearly explained by  use of an example.

Team A (3.440) Vs Team B (1.364) , for this, team B is seen as the favorite and is expected to win against team A at a home game. By staking $100 on B, you would expect a $136.4 return translating into a $36.4 profit. However you do not make a profit neither do you retain your stake when this team loses. A win in favor of team A gives a $344 return with your initial stake value of $100 hence a $244 total profit.

For the handicap betting option, the money-line concept is borrowed and expanded. Here, the prejudice placed on the favorite is removed by the bookmakers. This is done by adding a sign such as -6.5 or +6.5 so as to make equal the playing field. These signs play a big role in the final outcome determination and as such may differ from the real result. This is the adjusted handicap result.

Under- over betting in Basketball

This is sometimes referred to as the totals betting system. This depends on the overall points the team would make at the end of a game. The following odds, over 110.5:1.962 and under 110.5 : 2.1, are given for the teams X and Z respectfully.

By betting $100 on the over, and the game ends at 66-48 in favor of team X. This is a total of 114 points, as such you would make $196.2 with a $96.2 return. However, had you expected the total points to be less that 110 and hence used the under 110.5 betting option, you would be at a loss.

What to look at before making these predictions

If after reading the over under betting you still think it is complicated, worry not. Here is how you should go about it. Decide (predict) how many points the game is most likely to end at. For instance, 123 points or 214 points. Then proceed to look at the odds that the odds checker sites give and then bet.

To succeed at basketball betting it is important, do not bet on a team just because it is your favorite without careful consideration at the odds attached to it.

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