Online French Roulette the Odds and Payouts you have to know

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French Roulette is a variation of the normal game of roulette and these types, gained popularity in the years that followed the French Revolution. If you try to translate the term roulette what you will get is ‘little wheel.’ It is a well know fact that the game is a kind of entertainment activity that mainly features gambling. The game is also considered to have formidable gain potentials.The online french roulette the odds and payouts you have to know will be discussed here. It is advisable if you know how to play roulette before you start playing this variant.

Online French Roulette the Odds and Payouts you have to know

The main difference that exists between the American roulette and the French roulette is the design of the wheel. French roulette is often played in the casinos of Monte Carlo. Apart from having a different table layout, in this particular table game the player had to face the lowest house advantage. This is because, there is one additional game playing rule which reduces the edge to 1.35%.

As far as the table arrangement is concerned, French roulette is played on a standard European wheel with 37 divisions. Here you can find numbers from 1 to 36 as well as 0. Number 1 to 36 is colored alternately using black and red. The zero is marked with green here.

Understanding French roulette odds

The roulette odds are there to let you know how frequently you can expect to win, if the accuracy of your selection is slightly better than doing it randomly. If you follow the advantage play method, which use physics to forecast the winning number, then the odds are bound to change. However, the player edge will become the focus normally.  For example, if you are playing at Europen roulette your odds of winning are 1 in 37 spins if you are betting on a single number. But, if you are playing an online French roulette you chance of winning is 1 in 10 spins.

Bet types and payouts

While playing French roulette, the online casino Malaysia gamblers are at an advantage of playing two types of bet- the outside and inside bet. Inside bets can again be divided into 6 specific types and the payouts depend on the type you choose. If you choose a straight bet which comprise of only one number, the payout is 35:1. The payout is 17:1 if you choose split betting. The other betting types are street, trio, corner and six line. Each one is different from another. In a street bet and trio bet the payouts are same- 11.1.

If you are placing a corner bet comprising of 4 numbers the payout will range at 8.1. In a six line bet covering six numbers the payout is 5:1. In case you decide on outside betting, you need to know that it is further subdivided into five different types. If you wish to choose the column bet covering 12 numbers the payout is 2:1. In a dozen bet also the payout is 2:1.  Low-high bets, odd-even bets and red-black bets all have the same payout 1:1.

Announced bets

Apart from these types, French roulette QQ101 players are also allowed to place announced bets. This is similar to that of European bets. Moreover, players also have the opportunity of placing ‘neighbor bets’. Such bets feature numbers that are placed next to each other on the wheel of online roulette. In case you are willing to bet on the number 25 and on the numbers left and right to it he/she might place a single number neighbor bet on 25. Such bets will feature numbers like 25, 2 and 17.

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