Is Online Poker Rigged?

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Is Online Poker Rigged? A game which is of skill and talent is known as poker. In this, you can be a winner only if you have good skills and good knowledge of this game. If you don’t have all of this then it’s a waste if play this game.  But controversies were given that playing online is just rigged. Just to clarify this today I’m going to share my thoughts with you all. Some people say that in online poker they can’t able to play once they made cash out.

They used to say that once they made cash out and after that when they return to play the game they lose the game. This is the thread which you will get in every forum on the internet. Not only are these but there some more discussions which are also available on the internet. But this is not right because there is a very big reason behind this. The player who loses after cash out is only because of over confidence.

Choosing the safest online poker on the internet

Nothing else than that I’m saying this because I know the fact. Once anyone won any of the matches of poker than they used to think what to buy and after making a decision of purchasing something they used to make cash out. Once they made cash out and after the purchase when they return to the game they start thinking that now they are a god of poker and no one can beat them. This is the only reason behind this type of conspiracy.

After that, they move on to the next level and there many better players are waiting for you. You are just a beginner but they are an expert they lose the match all because of this and after losing the game they used start blaming online poker.

Another Theory behind This

The second theory states that the player who have won the game after that greed of more money used to come in their minds. So because of this they use big chips instead of small chips and because a lack of over confidence, they used to start getting lose. This is something which is most commonly seen in a mind of every player. But this has to be avoided if you really wanted to become a pro of this game then you should have to avoid these thoughts.

Then only you can be a real winner otherwise, you will always face the loss in your game no profit at all. The second thing is that never think that you are a god of this game otherwise you will make bad decisions.

Really Online Poker Is Rigged?

No! In realty online poker is a very honest and there is nothing rigged. It’s just human nature once they lose the match they start blaming the system of this game. But in cheating in online is just impossible because all the games and rounds which you will be playing on the website will be totally connected to satellite and in this no one can hack or do anything with the game. It’s just impossible and why the people who win don’t say that the system of online is rigged once they win than they say it is a just charm for them and once they lose they start blaming on the system of the game.

You guys are losing because of your attitude which you have developed in your mind and also because you start to be more greedy. Once all these thoughts are out of your mind then you can once again start winning the game. No issue how you play or whom you play with just be positive and you can be a winner.

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