The perks of playing soccer in your health

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The perks of playing soccer in your health – Soccer a well-known game of all the countries where it is somewhere called as football and others call it as soccer. It is not only the most popular game but also most widely played game of the whole world. Playing soccer has a lot of benefits regarding the health condition of the players who play soccer. A few of them include are here, first of all it increases the aerobic capacity, now what is aerobic capacity?

Aerobic capacity is basically the stamina of the person, if someone runs at any speed for a constant 80-90 minutes he gains that stamina and that someone is the soccer player who runs constantly for this longer time thus has a superb stamina. Second comes the heart health, obviously soccer has a lot to do with the heart health , as the soccer player has to constantly run for longer times so when it comes to the heart health of the soccer player they do have a very good heart health because their heart is active and strengthen by the routine workout they have.

Now let’s talk about the physical shape of the body and the body fats, running not only improves the muscle tone of the soccer players but also lowers the body fats hence not only giving them a perfect body shape but the good internal health as well. The kicking, jumping, turning and twisting type postures of the game of soccer give its players a very good muscular strength and not only the muscles but their bones also get very stronger by playing soccer, as we know that the density of the bones decrease while getting older but the soccer give its players a very good strength of the bones as well.

Other benefits of playing soccer

Another benefit of playing soccer is that it teaches coordination to its players because it a long time game with hard rules for example touching only the foot and not the hands in this game make it even harder to play. Soccer teaches teamwork and sharing to its players also because in the game by following the rules they have to play as a team and being a team it not only needs coordination but the teamwork and sharing as well to be a good team. Soccer not only increases the physical activities of the body but the cognitive functions of the brain as well.

It increases the cognitive functions of the brain of the players. Also by playing the game the self-esteem and self confidence increases and the anxiety of the brain decreases. The most interesting part of playing this game is that it is not an expensive game; all you need is the ball and the space to play it. An important factor is that football is an outdoor game. For this you just have to play our door for enjoyment and a group of people needed for that and a football to play.

Soccer in other words is a very useful and good game for the health and body so we should promote this kind of games. On the other hand there are people who don’t like soccer because according to them soccer with all its benefits discussed above is a useless game beacuse it is a long boring game in which every player is running for nothing at all and at the end the game has just a couple of scores. Prople also don’t like soccer because it is exhausting game and one needs a lot of stamina to play a heavy game like this, in which one has to run, run and just run for nothing.

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