Tiger Woods One of the Biggest Golfer In the History

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Tiger Woods One of the Biggest Golfer In the History – A player which have ruled at golf for so long and whenever he used to come at the field then everyone used to give a standing ovation. It’s not because he was so rich or any other reason it’s because he has played this game for so long and got a lot of stardom and popularity all over the world. And all because of this he has been one of the highest paid athletes in the world several times. Woods started to play at professional level in the summer of 1996 before this he played at college and school level.

When he was starting he never thought that one day he will get this much of popularity but today he have everything. Soon after start of his professional career he won his first major in 1997. In this game he give a record breaking performance by winning the tournament and pocketing $486,000 just from 12 strokes. The first time he got the number one position in the world was in the month of June 1997. Not only this but during his career he also played many of the tournaments and all of them were totally like a charm for him.

Woods personal life

After getting a lot of popularity and fame all over the world woods decided to take leave from December 2009 to early April 2010 because he was having marriage with Elin Nordegren all because of marriage he took long leave but that leave wasn’t good for him because this marriage got broken very soon and they both had divorce. The reason behind the divorce was just his extra marital affairs across the world and the news related his affairs were coming by media source those days.

All because of this woods have faced a very great lose in his career and that was his ranking fell from 1st position to 58th position in November 2011. But very soon he once got his 1st ranking when he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational on March 25 2013 and he hold this ranking till May 2014. In his career woods have a back surgery in April 2014 and September 2015 and all because of surgery he have to struggle a lot to regain his original form.

Surgery also affected his career and he got #104 ranking for the first time in history. He got to this position for the first time in his career. Not only this but in his career for the first time he was out from the top 500 players list. This happened for the first time in his professional career. This player have broken many records and he is the only one golfer who have record of holding number one position for the consecutive weeks.

He has also been awarded with the PGA player of the year 11 time and he is only player who have been awarded 11 times. He have also won 14 major professional golf tournament second player to hold this type of category. He has more number of major trophies than any other active golfer.

Family and His Background

Woods was born on December 30, 1975 in California. His father name was Earl and his mother name was Kultida. He was the only child after their marriage and all because of this his parents treated him very carefully. But he has two half-brothers and one half sisters. Although he have a great family a they parented him really very good and also they have given him a very standard type of education.

All because of his craze towards golf his parents gave him permission to work on this game. and he really worked very great in this game. and today he is one of the great player in all over the world.

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