What is the purpose of Olympic Games

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What is the purpose of Olympic Games – The Olympic Games are a universal games rivalry which are held like clockwork in an alternate city. A large number of competitors from everywhere throughout the world go up against each other in individual and group activities. More than 1 billion individuals watch the amusements on TV. The main Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 B.C. They were known as the old diversions and endured until the fourth century A.D.

The advanced diversions started in 1896, when the Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin restored the amusements to convey peace and companionship to the youngsters everywhere throughout the world. Today, there are summer and winter diversions. Up to 1994 both diversions were held around the same time, yet now they are arranged two years separated from each other. The Olympic Games start with the opening function.

Competitors from all the taking part countries walk into the stadium. Greece comes in the first place, since it was the principal country to hold the Olympics and the host country comes in last. The Olympic banner is raised and a picked competitor lights the Olympic fire . It is an image of soul , learning and life. The flame originates from Olympia, a residential area in Greece and numerous runners transport the fire in a light transfer to the site of the recreations. It blazes from the opening function until the end of the diversions.

History of Olympic Rings

The Olympic rings were made in 1913 and speak to the five landmasses (Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas). All competitors must take the Olympic pledge . One of them needs to guarantee that all competitors will put forth a valiant effort and contend decently. After every occasion, decorations are given to the initial three competitors. They get gold, silver and bronze awards. Their banners are raised and the national song of devotion of the champ’s nation is played.

Ordinarily, every nation chooses for itself which sportsmen and –women are permitted to join in. Competitors must meet all requirements for the recreations by winning or doing great in rivalries before the Olympic Games begin. Competitors, who are sent to the amusements by their nation must be a native of that nation. For a considerable length of time, just beginners could take part in the diversions, however today, most competitors are experts, who gain their cash through game.

Most governments give their group cash with the goal that it can join in the diversions. The antiquated Olympic Games were commended at Olympia, Greece at regular intervals. They were held to pay tribute to the god Zeus. In the early amusements, just Greek men were permitted to take an interest. The diversions comprised of games like footraces , wrestling , boxing , the pentathlon and steed hustling. The last occasion of the diversions was typically a chariot race .

At the point when the Romans vanquished Greece in 140 B.C. the diversions began to lose their religious significance and in 393 the Roman head banned the occasion.

Politics and the Olympic Games

Previously, the Olympic Games have been irritated by political issues . In 1936 the IOC picked Berlin as the site for the 1936 Summer Games. A couple of years after the fact, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party rose to power and Hitler utilized the amusements to demonstrate Germany’s energy .

In 1968 two Black American runners dissented against their legislature and raised their clench hands when the American national song of devotion was played.

In 1980 the USA—and numerous different nations—didn’t send competitors to the recreations in Moscow in light of the fact that the Soviet Union had attacked Afghanistan a year prior. Consequently , the Russians and other Communist nations declined to participate in the 1984 diversions in Los Angeles.

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